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Thunder... Thunder... [Nov. 6th, 2011|12:24 am]
The recent version of the Thundercats has a lot going for it, a darker tone, and Snarf doesn't talk, The animation is nice, and the character designs are rather respectful but different with a good the voice cast.

On the other, hand Mumm-ra looks a bit like a giant winged monkey in his powered form that made me think he could feature in the Wizard of OZ, and the opening is...short...

Still it is nice that they treat the original with respect, with a homage to the original opening in this scene

Cheetara and Lion-O also seem much closer,

The classic opening song with the new series footage

The new show has a lot going for it for new and old fans.

And finally here is out-take from the original show, Youtube has several of these, you either find it funny or not.